Other Projects


Ambient improvising trio with Ian Simpson and Harry Gallimore with feet planted in kosmiche and early prog.

Releases: Machinery Of Division


Black Forest Orchestra

Ambient improv quartet with Glenn Boulter, Ian Simpson & Simon Jones

Releases: The Elements Inside Two Circles


Corps Radical

Free Jazz quartet with prog and krautrock overtones with Martin Archer, Mick Beck & Peter Fairclough


Id Of Mobius

Ambient noise quartet with Ian Simpson, Harry Gallimore & Simon Jones.

Releases: Excursions | A Further Out Excursion


Susan Matthews

Dark ambient duo. Susan Matthews is a UK based avant-garde experimental composer, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations.

Releases: Ships Will Leave | Silence Alight | Slow Corrosion

Opening track on this album titled “Slow Corrosion EP” belongs to the darkest territories of trip hop with dragging beats slowly moving in creepy electronic atmospheres assisted by the voice of Susan Matthews that in its style reminds a bit of Kim Gordon from the early years of Sonic Youth. From second track forward the expression moves into pure ambient territories. Creepy soundscapes built on found sounds, processed and concrete mixed up with the excellent voices of Susan Matthews. - Vital Weekly


Good Noise Bad Noise

Noise A/V collective with Dan Gibson, Neil Woodall & John Hall.

Releases: Semiotic Clunker | Joist Hounds | Live Manatees (with Duet For Theremin & Lap Steel) | Odd Rooks Recur

Music that should be played on the radio……a stunning, stunning piece of work – Jeff Grainger, The Download Show

The music is dynamic and has an easy momentum and flow that removes this from the noise for noise sake ghetto into one that is far, far more interesting – Wonderful Wooden Reasons