Orfeo 5

Orfeo 5 - live at Totally Wired

orfeo 5 use improvisation to find structure, and vice versa, and sometimes make music from poems and other texts.

orfeo 5 are Shaun Blezard on electronics and Keith Jafrate on saxophones (and sometimes spoken word) joined occasionally by Matt Bourne on keyboards & cello and on other occasions by Simon Prince on flutes.

We’re especially interested in site-specific and/or issue-based work, and we’re keen to investigate large-scale compositions and performances, if given the chance to dig in through workshops & residencies.

Our style blends jazz, blues, folk, improv, loops, samples, sometimes a bit of minimalism and always a lot of passion, into powerful new music, sometimes using texts and poems from a variety of sources. We’re trying to go through and beyond the European jazz tradition, blending folk elements with improvisation and free music, and with rhythms drawn from dub, hip hop and world music.

orfeo 5 grew out of The Word Hoard’s demo/text projects, which began in 1997. These brought writers and musicians together for a month to devise new text-music performances, with the last version of demo/text doing an 8 show national tour in autumn 2001. While demo/text always created excellent material, it also always left the musicians hungry to do more together, so orfeo 5 was formed.

To listen to tracks go to our soundcloud site or our bandcamp site

Orfeo 5 have created an album that has haunted my seedee player this last month. You can hear their influences (especially that of Parker) but not in any way that’s distracting or demeaning to either party. Jafrate’s saxophone alternates between atonality and lyricism with sublime ease and Blezard’s noises can be both unobtrusive and leading depending on the particular compositions…..Both players interlink almost seamlessly…..a mighty fine melding of breath, circuitry and oodles of ideas. Recommended. Ian Holloway, Wonderful Wooden Reasons