Clutter - Live at The Bombed Out ChurchWorking in the fields of electro-acoustic improvisation, ambient, music concrete and many things between, Clutter music is made with laptops, iPhones, bass guitar, field recordings, cassettes, radios, fx board, ds, monotron, found sounds, donated sounds and is music of nostalgia and child like wonder.

Clutter music is my solo project, started in 2001 (Initially called Manassas) and has seen me explore the world of electronic music.

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‘Clutter is at once a jumble of noise and an entirely thought out soundscape. Like a Rubix cube it slowly comes together for the more patient among us. Engage from the start to solve it and stick with it through thick and thin’  - Liverpool Daily Post

‘A kind of dark, swirling chamber kosmiche/ambient tangent, Clutter has created something organic & cerebral from contributed noises & sounds which he has re-arranged & processed to create something quite wonderful. I don’t   particularly want to rattle on too much about this as the music is of a rich, fascinating quality, ‘Live at the Bombed Out Church‘ takes you right off on a dream-like astral plain. Does this church exist? If so, I want to go.’ 5/5 Norman Records

‘the music on this EP (Yellow Light Discarded) reminds me more of Max Richters most out there experiments or Nurse With Wound at their most ethereal. Field recordings, strings and dubbed out noises all crop up filling this 3” CD with more ideas than some full length albums. A bold, innovative release that leaves me hungry for more. It’s a pleasurable 22 minutes.’ — Was Ist Das?

‘This album works brilliantly as a complete piece. Its rare to get a full album that blends so well from the outset through to the conclusion. The dub elements and fat relaxed beats punctuate a richly textured bed of sound. And what a comfy bed it is! Clutter’s trademark blend of found sound, obtuse vocal samples and strange/beautiful electronics guide you through the entire album, I challenge you to start listening to anodyne Hi fi and not see it through to the very end! Great Stuff. ‘ – Anodyne Hi-Fi review on EARLabs