Hugs Bison

Hugs Bison logoHugs Bison is an electronic duo, with Phil Powell, experimenting with the limits of touch device technology.

Hugs Bison music originates from live improvisation sessions, creating melodies, beats and samples on the fly, then throwing them at effects and loops to create an orchestra of sound.

“This is a dark, shady and crestfallen critter. Over its runtime of 21 minutes, the composition lightens up and reaches higher levels, but seriously, one needs a figurative magnifying glass to experience the steady but slow and prolonged metamorphosis. Done entirely with touch technology, related apps and software libraries, Flying In V Formation nevertheless sounds entirely organic.” – Ambient Exotica

“I have been listening to the seasons of Vivaldi all day, and I must say that this debut record of Hugs Bison convinced me once again that there is hope for independent composers and artists. This record seems like the perfect follow up, like a Vivaldi of the future.” – Yeah I Know It Sucks

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