Clutter live at Apartment MusicI have been playing music for over 25 years now, starting with bass guitar in indie pop band The Peach Thieves. I now am mostly an experimental electronic musician and improviser playing in many groupings based in the North of England.

The route between has been filled with many great projects, playing rock, dub, jazz, roots, country and many variants of electronic music.

I have played all over the UK, both solo and as part of larger ensembles, playing Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Birmingham Symphony Hall, the ambisonic system at Workington Town Centre and a series of village halls in Cumbria.

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My main solo project is Clutter, which has evolved into an improvised ambient set up mixing field recordings with bass guitar, iphone, nintendo ds, fx board, laptop and other electronics.

‘Clutter is at once a jumble of noise and an entirely thought out soundscape. Like a Rubix cube it slowly comes together for the more patient among us. Engage from the start to solve it and stick with it through thick and thin’  - Liverpool Daily Post

I am also involved in many other projects including Kipple (6 piece free improv & electronics), Deep Clutter (words and voice meets acousmatics) & orfeo 5 (improvised jazz and spoken word).

To hear more music and maybe buy the odd things check my discography.

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