Films Inspired by Mountains (workshop)

animation stillAnimations made during an Artslink animation day by pupils at Goodley Dale Primary School in Windermere, Cumbria – May 2012

Animation software used is Helium Frog a brilliant free programme available here

Cameras used were 720HD webcams from the local supermarket £20 each

Film edited in Movie Maker – free and on most PCs -

Audio edited with Audacity -

Final edit was done in Sony Vegas - £23

So if you have a computer you can start animating very cheaply – it’s about imagination and wonderful ideas more than equipment!!

A great worksheet about animation, written by artist Ellie Chaney during some joint workshops for Heron Corn Mill can be found here – along with a podcasting worksheet I wrote -

Artslink is a Creative Futures Cumbria project -

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